A clear journey to clear skin

I know first-hand how overwhelming the internet can be when you’re looking for an acne solution.

From skincare ads that stalk you around the internet to downloadable ‘30 days to acne-free skin!’ guides promising the world – you’ve seen it all.

And none of it works.

That’s why I’m here to help you make sense of your  journey to clear skin. I can’t promise you instant results or quick fixes or miracle serums that’ll cure everything – but what I can promise you is that I’ll be right here beside you recommending solutions that’ll improve your skin, with lasting results.

Questions? I’ve got answers

Starting (yet another) treatment for your acne can feel overwhelming, I know. You’re starting from scratch yet again, with a healthy dose of scepticism after so many false starts.

I can tell you from experience that holistic nutritional therapy is different. I’ve been on this journey myself and it was nothing short of life-changing for me.

But I know you’ve heard all that before. You want tangible answers to your many questions, so that’s what I’m giving you here. Read, digest, absorb – and if you still have questions, my inbox is always open.

How does nutritional therapy help to clear skin?

I get it. You’ve tried everything already. So what’s to say nutritional therapy won’t just be another in a long line of acne-ridding failures?

The difference with nutritional therapy is that it starts from the inside and works outwards. It gets to the root causes and helps to address underlying conditions, rather than temporary fixes that mask what’s going on beneath the surface.

Nutritional therapy takes a holistic approach to clearing acne, by looking at your skin as just one part of your body, your lifestyle and your goals. By making small changes to specific areas of your life, nutritional therapy has a lasting impact – not only on your skin, but on your quality of life too.

What happens during an online acne consultation?

Before your initial 90-minute consultation, you’ll be asked to complete a Client Questionnaire and a 3-Day Food Diary, so that I get a good idea of how you live and how nutritional recommendations can be incorporated into your lifestyle with minimal disruption.

After your initial consultation, you’ll be sent your personalised acne plan within 3 days. It’ll cover everything we spoke about during our consultation along with dietary changes, lifestyle advice and any supplement recommendations. If there are any areas that need further exploration, I’ll recommend functional tests, such as hormone testing or food intolerance testing, so that we can really get to the core of the problem.

Follow-up sessions last 45-minutes and are our chance to check in on your progress, tackle any ongoing concerns, and make any adjustments to your plan if necessary to tackle ongoing imbalances.

These sessions are here for you to be honest about your progress, how you’re feeling, and how you’re adjusting to the changes you’re making. After each follow-up session, you’ll be sent an updated plan that may have dietary, lifestyle or supplement dosage changes, depending on your progress.

Will you give me a diet plan and recipes to follow?

Because I don’t believe in being strict and regimented with eating, I don’t give you a set meal plan to follow. After all, you’re never going to being able to stick to a strict meal plan for the rest of your life, and we’re looking for sustainable results!

Instead, I’ll give you recommendations of specific foods to introduce or remove from your diet. I don’t create my own recipes which is why I won’t create a full meal plan for you, but I am (obviously) quite a foody – so if you need recipe inspiration or cookbook recommendations, I always have plenty to share!

Is nutritional therapy *really* personalised?

Absolutely. Nothing I do is based on any kind of template or copy-and-paste approach, because, as humans, we’re all unique. Even when I see two clients with the same health conditions and the same goals, my recommendations will be completely different for each client – not because their conditions are different, but because their bodies are different.

Every single one of us has a unique health timeline, including medications we’ve taken, illnesses we’ve experienced, infections we’ve had, as well as genetics, life experiences, personal choices and beliefs. All of these things work together to create a wholly unique being – which means that applying a template or cookie cutter approach to helping you reach your goals just won’t work.

Getting to know you during our initial consultation is a vital step on our journey together, so that I can recommend foods, supplements and lifestyle changes that actually work for you.

Will you recommend cutting out things like dairy or gluten to clear my acne?

Diet recommendations for your goals are always tailored to you. If you have a food intolerance or are particularly sensitive to some foods, it’s likely that you’ll be advised to remove them from your diet.

But I’m a big believer in creating nutritional recommendations that are achievable and sustainable, so I’ll never recommend incredibly restrictive diets. It’s important that you feel like the changes you make during our time together are things you can stick with for the long-term, so it might be that I recommend removing a certain food temporarily before gradually reintroducing it into your diet – but my ultimate goal is to help you find foods that you enjoy and that help your skin and your body feel healthier!

Are you likely to recommend supplements for clear skin, or just foods?

In normal circumstances, eating a healthy diet is the foundational factor for healthy skin and a healthy body. But in reality, many of us lead lives that are stressful, full-on and tend to deplete our bodies of particular nutrients.

I often recommend introducing supplements into your diet to tackle any imbalances or deficiencies or support other health issues that aren’t directly related to your skin. Supplements are a useful addition to your diet, but aren’t necessary for everyone – which is why working with a holistic nutritionist in a 1:1 capacity can be so effective!

I have IBS and acne - will nutritional therapy help with both?

Everything I do is tailored to your body and your lifestyle, so any other health conditions you experience, including IBS, will always be taken into account. During our initial consultation, we’ll discuss the goals you want to achieve while working together – and if one of those is to better manage your IBS symptoms, that’s exactly what we’ll do.

Nutrition doesn’t just deal with one condition at a time, so every recommendation I make takes into consideration everything your body is dealing with. If you know that a particular food causes IBS flare ups, it’ll never feature in your nutrition recommendations – because, no matter how ‘good’ it might be for your acne, it’s not good for your IBS. My goal is to improve every health challenge you’re facing, not just one in isolation, so we’ll work together to find a nutrition plan that helps your acne and your IBS at the same time.

I’ve struggled with IBS and acne myself, so I know how hesitant you might be about changing your diet at the risk of causing a flare up. If you are concerned about any recommendations I make during our time together, please tell me and we’ll find an alternative that works for your body.

I think my acne might be a result of a food intolerance - do you conduct food intolerance testing?

As part of our initial consultation, we’ll discuss the possibility of food intolerances and I may recommend gut function testing to give us more insight into why your body reacts in particular ways to particular foods.

Identifying food intolerances can be incredibly insightful and gives us a foundation to build on through nutritional and lifestyle changes, but testing isn’t necessary in all cases so we will discuss the specifics of your needs and goals at the start of your journey. While I sometimes recommend food intolerance testing in particular cases, I usually recommend a gut function test, which not only tells us how your body reacts to certain foods but also why.

The cost of gut function testing or food intolerance testing is not included in programme fees, but are usually in the range of £150-£335.

What is holistic nutritional therapy?

I’ll forgive you for thinking that ‘holistic’ means everything organic and wholesome and, quite frankly, expensive. That’s not what holistic means in holistic nutritional therapy.

What it really means is that I take a holistic  approach to your body – I take into account your diet (the ‘nutritional’ part of ‘holistic nutritional therapy’) but I also take into account your lifestyle, your habits, your routines, your skincare regime, your stress levels, your gut function, your sleep patterns, your entire life.

Taking such a wide approach means that we can tackle not only the issue you’re struggling with, but also make overall improvements to your life – so you can live a happier, healthier, acne-free life for years to come.

I’m not sure if my acne is caused by my diet or something else - how can I find out?

That’s exactly what a holistic nutritional therapist can help you with! As a nutritionist, my specialist focus is foods – but as a holistic  nutritional therapist, I take into account everything from hormone imbalances to stress management to how much sleep you get at night.

Our bodies are incredibly complex things, so for us to achieve long-lasting clear skin without restrictive diets or dependence on medications, we need to dig deep into every interaction your body has with your diet, your lifestyle and your health.

On my acne journey, I discovered my acne was primarily caused by PCOS resulting in hormone imbalances that caused regular breakouts. And by making changes to my diet and lifestyle, I was able to rebalance my hormones and, as a result, see huge improvements to my skin.

So whatever is causing your acne, nutrition can  help.

Once my acne is clear, will nutrition also help to heal acne scars?

Unfortunately not. Nutrition is powerful, but it can’t completely heal acne scarring. Eating a balanced and nutritious diet will help to minimise scarring to a certain extent, but it isn’t a miracle worker.

Once your acne is under control, you may want to seek advice from a cosmetic specialist who can support with scar removal.

I have psoriasis, not acne - can you still help?

Yes, I can! While acne is my specialism, I often work with clients who are experiencing other skin conditions, including psoriasis, eczema and rosacea. I also work with clients whose primary concern is a health condition, such as IBS, IBD, PCOS, endometriosis and autoimmune diseases.

Many skin conditions and health conditions are interconnected, so while acne is my focus for many clients, I also use holistic nutritional therapy to treat a range of other conditions too.

Unfortunately, there are some conditions that nutritional therapy can’t help with, including cancer, diabetes, eating disorders, chronic kidney disease, and mental health conditions. If you aren’t sure if your condition can be improved through nutritional therapy, please get in touch for a chat.

I’m taking medication for acne - will nutritional therapy work alongside that?

Yes, definitely! During our initial consultation we’ll discuss all medications you’re currently on so that we can avoid anything that might interact or interfere with your medication.

Nutrition can often help to alleviate the negative side effects of medications too, so nutrition and medication work alongside one another to make big improvements to your skin and your health.

How much investment do I need to be ready to make to achieve clear skin?

Nutritional therapy is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. Making long-term positive changes to your life does require an investment of time, effort and money on your part – but the pay off is always worth it. Investing money and time into your health now will not only help you to achieve the clear skin you’ve been craving, but it will also reduce the likelihood of disease and other health conditions later in life.

Nutritional therapy with me costs between £395 (the Bare Basics programme, including a 90-minute consultation, personalised nutrition plan and 45-minute improvement session) and £645 (the Glow-Getter programme, including a 90-minute consultation, personalised nutrition plan, and 3 45-minute improvement sessions). Any additional testing (including functional testing and food intolerance testing) costs extra, but generally ranges from £150 to £335.

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Marie Bloomer
Marie Bloomer
I could not recommend Emilia enough, she is such a knowledgable and caring person. I contacted Emilia in January after struggling with acne for over 12 years on and off. I was at my lowest and thought my last resort was to try roaccutane for the 2nd time. It really got me down so much that I would avoid my loved ones if I had no makeup on etc. I worked with Emilia for around 7 months on my nutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalances through dietary changes and supplements to heal my from the inside out naturally. To say I am happy with how far ive come is a complete understatement. I feel so much more confident, I have more energy and feel like my skin no longer holds me back as much. Im still on my journey, but I can really see that finish line!
Laura Baker
Laura Baker
I thoroughly enjoy the course, it has given me thoughts of my well-being, How I am going to make life changing decision and putting them into practice. I definitely do not want to become a Type 1 or 2 diabetic with all the complication which goes along with it. I’ve learnt a lot on this course i’m very pleased I was able to complete it thank you. Audrey T
Audrey Thompson
Audrey Thompson
Emilia has been a fantastic nutritional therapist for me! I have suffered from severe eczema for over a year now but with Emilia's help, I have made incredible improvements with my skin. Dealing with severe eczema can be challenging, and having a professional who understands the condition and its dietary implications is invaluable. I have found Emilia to be attentive and responsive to my needs. She took the time to listen to my concerns and provide personalised recommendations tailored to my specific situation. Emilia's approach is holistic and comprehensive. She not only addresses the immediate symptoms but also focuses on long-term solutions. Through dietary adjustments and supplement recommendations, she helped me manage my eczema symptoms and improve my overall well-being. Furthermore, Emilia's expertise extends beyond just diet. She provided guidance on lifestyle modifications and offered practical tips for managing eczema triggers in daily life. This comprehensive approach has been instrumental in my journey towards better skin and gut health. Overall, I highly recommend Emilia for anyone struggling with food, diet and just general well-being. Her knowledge, personalised approach, and commitment to holistic care make her an excellent resource for individuals seeking relief and improved quality of life.
Sophia Ekundayo
Sophia Ekundayo
Emilia has been a pleasure to work with. She is professional whilst remaining kind and understanding. She takes on board your individual circumstances and needs to tailor a plan that will suit you. She has been very communicative, checking in and providing updated plans and advice when needed.
Louise Watts
Louise Watts
I found Emilia through a website I stumbled upon whilst researching nutrition. I’m so glad that I did as my experience with her has been amazing! I would highly recommend anyone who requires more in depth help with their skin concerns as she has been through them herself as you can see from her journey on her main website. I’ve had around 3 consulations with Emilia and each one has been 10/10. She listens to all my problems and concerns and takes notes of what I should be doing to help build my skin back up to being healthy. I love that I am able to contact her when i’m struggling with something and need help when buying certain food items as she responds quite quickly, which to me as a patient/client is fantastic as I feel she goes above and beyond.
Tanya Sandhu
Tanya Sandhu
Emilia has helped me so much with my well-being. I was experiencing physical issues such a as frequent infections without knowing why. After being prescribed antibiotic after antibiotic and getting nowhere I wanted a more holistic approach. Through Emilia’s knowledge and testing, Emilia came up with a plan for me backed by science. Sticking to her personalised plan has drastically improved my health. I didn’t realise the importance of good gut health and it’s effects on the rest of the body. I would 100% recommend visiting Emilia for evidence based and competent guidance.
Alexandria Zaphiri
Alexandria Zaphiri
I have seen great results from changing my nutrition and really appreciate the holistic approach taken which focused on diet, sleep, exercise and managing stress levels. The plan was tailored to my needs and the foods I already eat rather than making radical changes that are not sustainable in the long term. Overall, I received a great service and would highly recommend!
Hadiya Zahoor
Hadiya Zahoor
Amazing service! Would recommend it to anyone! SO worth the investment. My skin has changed so dramatically in a year. Emilia has been so supportive and encouraging throghout my journey. She really took the time to get to know me as an individual and heal my skin holistically.
Sam Ikin
Sam Ikin

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