Functional testing

what are functional tests?

They are tests which help to really dig deep into your symptoms by finding any underlying imbalances, infections or deficiencies. Which test is best for you depends on your presenting symptoms and your health aims. They are used to find exactly where there may be imbalances and this helps us to get results quicker, as we’re not guessing at what could be contributing to your symptoms. This makes it much easier to tailor a plan specific to what we find. They can generally cost anything from around £80-£340.

Below are some of the most common tests I do with clients, along with some sample reports.

Functional DX Ultra

£330 + blood draw cost

This is a blood test that is like having a full MOT of your health. When it comes to acne there can be so many underlying factors and this helps to rule out a lot of them, such as hormonal imbalances, blood sugar balance, inflammation and nutrient deficiencies.

Dutch Complete


My favourite test for taking a deep dive into hormone balance. This helps us to identify which hormones are off-balance (oestrogen, testosterone & progesterone) and looks at the stress response – looking to see if your circadian rhythm (cortisol & melatonin) is out of sync, or if you’ve hit the burnt-out stage – all of which require a different approach.

GI Effects


A healthy gut is essential for healthy skin! This is a stool test that looks into digestive function as poor digestion can be a common factor with skin issues. As well as good & bad bacteria balance, inflammation in the intestines and parasite or fungal infections. This can affect our skin by altering the skin microbiome, affecting how well we absorb nutrients for skin health & influencing hormones and the immune system.

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