The Best Drinks for Clear Skin

Staying hydrated is essential to stay healthy. Being dehydrated can often be a cause of common symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, headaches, constipation and feeling thirsty. 

Our skin is 64% water, making it a fundamental part of achieving healthy skin. Drinking water helps the body to remove toxins, carry nutrients to our skin and other organs and aids digestion. If our body is struggling in these areas, our skin can start to show symptoms. Dehydration can take a toll on our skin, leading to increased signs of ageing, dark circles under the eyes and sagging skin.

What can cause us to lose water? 

The body loses water through sweating, breathing and urinating. This is why it’s important to rehydrate throughout the day and especially when exercising. Certain drinks can also cause the body to lose water, so you want to be monitoring how much of these you are drinking. Drinks to watch include:

Caffeinated drinks 

This includes tea, coffee, energy drinks and fizzy drinks. They have a mild diuretic effect on the body. Excess sugar in these drinks can also disrupt our body’s water balance, and contribute to breakouts. 


Alcohol interferes with anti-diuretic hormone (ADH). Having lower amounts of ADH increases water loss from the body. Alcohol also depletes vitamins needed for skin health and decreases immune function, so it’s something you want to monitor of how much you’re having! 

How to stay Hydrated 

The best drink to have to stay hydrated is water. However, food and drinks rich in electrolytes can help increase the absorption of water into the cells. If you feel like you drink a lot of water throughout the day but still feel dehydrated you may want to look at adding in electrolytes. Coconut water is naturally high in electrolytes, making it a good choice to add to smoothies or drink after exercising. 

Herbal teas count towards your fluid intake as they are caffeine-free and have extra health benefits. A few of my favourite herbal teas for acne include:

  1. Nettle – helps to promote liver and kidney health, helping your body remove toxins that can contribute to breakouts.
  2. Spearmint – helps to regulate testosterone levels that can contribute to acne and oily skin.
  3. Cinnamon – helps to balance blood sugar levels. High levels of insulin can increase inflammation and disrupt hormonal balance, contributing to breakouts. 
  4. Chamomile tea – anti-inflammatory but also helps to calm the stress response. Having acne can be stressful, but stress can cause acne, so it can be beneficial to add in calming herbs.
  5. Hibiscus tea – rich in vitamin C which helps with collagen production, reducing hyperpigmentation and scarring. 

It’s really important to get the basics right first, such as drinking enough water to help your skin. It’s also important to note that you should have sips of water throughout the day. Avoid drinking more that 250ml in one go as this can put pressure on your kidneys.  


 Photo by Carli Jeen on Unsplash


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By Emilia Papadopoullos
DipCNM, Nutritional Therapist

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