The 3 Secrets to Clear Skin That No One Talks About

If you’re searching for the answer to clear skin – you’ll get a lot of different product recommendations, treatments, facials and foods to try. You might have already tried many of them, but so far they haven’t worked.

There are three really important things that most people don’t mention while you’re on your clear skin journey and trying to clear your skin for good. If we’re not doing these three things, it doesn’t matter how good the products, the supplements, and the facials are – you won’t get results. So I’m here to give you the three secrets to clear skin that no one talks about!

Consistency – The Backbone of Healthy Skin.

You might have invested in the most expensive skincare products, undergone professional treatments, and stocked up on supplements, but if you lack consistency in your routine, the results will not come.

Imagine your skincare and eating routine as a fitness regimen. If you hit the gym sporadically and only on days when you feel like it, you can’t expect to see significant changes in your physique. Similarly, your skin requires a regular, dedicated routine to thrive.

Consistency is crucial because both skincare and diet & lifestyle changes take time to work. From a skincare side, we must wait at least one month of consistent action to see a difference. Skipping days or constantly changing products disrupts this process, hindering your skin’s ability to adapt and improve.

From an internal side, it can take a little longer. Nutrient deficiencies may take a month to three months to fully correct – most of the time, we can’t just take a big dose of a supplement one day and then never take it again. It would be the same with medication if you have an infection; you don’t just take one antibiotic; you finish the course to ensure you kill the infection. The process does take time, but it’s worth it. This leads us perfectly to number two of the secrets to clear skin…

2) Patience – Allowing your skin to heal.

In our fast-paced world, we’ve become accustomed to instant gratification. However, achieving clear skin requires a considerable amount of patience. If you’ve struggled with acne or other skin issues for years, it’s essential to understand that transformation won’t happen overnight.

One key reason for the time it takes to see results is the skin’s regeneration process. On average, it takes about 4-6 weeks for your skin to go through a full cycle (and it gets longer as we get older!). This means that the changes you make to your skincare routine may not manifest visibly until this natural cycle completes.

Additionally, patience is even more important if hormonal imbalances are contributing to your skin concerns. Hormones play a significant role in skin health, and it often takes around three to six months for them to rebalance. Hormonal imbalances can also be a little more complex, meaning we need to work on multiple areas (such as gut health, blood glucose & inflammation), to really help regulate hormones.

Understanding and accepting this natural timeline is vital for maintaining motivation on your skincare journey. Progress photos can help on those days where you think you haven’t made any significant changes. This is because what you might notice when looking back at photos from the start is that the inflammation has actually come down, and maybe your energy has improved, or maybe your skin doesn’t feel as tight as it used to. These are all small signs that you’re going in the right direction. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and consistent effort alongside patience over time is what will yield lasting results.

3) Direction – Navigating Your Skincare Journey.

Consistency and patience are invaluable, but they won’t lead you to clear skin if you’re headed in the wrong direction. This brings us to the often neglected secret: direction. It doesn’t matter how faithful you are to your routine or how patient you are if your efforts are misplaced.

Consider this analogy: If you’re driving to a destination and realise you’re on the wrong road, continuing with the same consistency and patience won’t get you to your destination because you’re going the wrong way. Similarly, if your skincare concerns are caused by a damaged skin barrier due to harsh products, no amount of vitamin supplements will rectify the issue – you’re going in the wrong direction by focusing on the wrong thing.

Identifying the root cause of your skin issues is essential for an effective protocol that will help to clear your skin. If you’re unsure, seeking guidance from professionals such as dermatologists, nutritionists & advanced facialists can provide clarity. For instance, if your hormonal imbalance is being caused by issues with your blood glucose (but you don’t know you had blood glucose issues because you never investigated them), taking something like zinc for hormones won’t do much. You need to balance your blood glucose to actually get results.

Need some help?

Achieving clear skin involves more than just investing in the latest products and treatments. The combination of consistency, patience, and direction are the real heroes that can make a significant difference in your healthy skin journey.

And look, I know it can be difficult to stay consistent and patient when you’re unsure if you’re doing the right thing. That’s where I can help – to give you direction and keep you motivated on the days where results seem to be a little slow. As well, the combination of working topically (with skincare) and internally (with diet & lifestyle) can really speed up the process! Ready to get started? Book your call using this link.

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By Emilia Papadopoullos
DipCNM, Nutritional Therapist

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